Wrap Fashion Cashmere Black Pool Brown Burgundy Champagne Chocolate Dark Navy Daffodil Dark Green Fuchsia Gold Grape Clover Jade Ivory Lavender Sky Blue Lilac Orange Blushing Pink Royal Blue Sage Silver White Red Watermelon Regency Pearl Pink Other Colors

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Category: Wrap

Season: Winter

Shown Color: Mulberry, Ink Blue, Lime Green, Pearl Pink, Other Colors, Candy Pink, Mint Green, Ocean Blue, Steel Grey, Papaya, Tahiti, Turquoise, Claret, Celadon, Peacock, Spa, Dusty Rose, Coral, Orchid, Mist, Regency, Red, Daffodil, Dark Navy, Dark Green, Fuchsia, Gold, Chocolate, Champagne, Black, Pool, Brown, Burgundy, Grape, Clover, Royal Blue, Blushing Pink, Sage, Silver, White, Orange, Lilac, Jade, Ivory, Lavender, Sky Blue, Watermelon

Width: 45.67in.(116cm)

Length: 72.83 in.(185cm)

Occasion: Fashion

Fabric: Cashmere

Notes:  Colors may vary slightly due to different monitor settings. Use an iron to remove wrinkles from your dress if necessary.



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